The Bands

The Dave Bulley Band

Rock, folk, blues, jam band. Raucously fun, sing-a-long silly happy serious political, poetical, dance music.




As Seven Days puts it, "Bow Thayer has been kicking up a beautiful racket in Vermont for many years now." Indeed, Bow has been making a racket for as long as he can remember. Making music is who he is. Bow made a name for himself in Boston with 7 League Boots, a rock/reggae band that shared the stage with the likes of Fugazi, The Mighty Might Bosstones, and Pearl Jam. 25 years ago he made a life-altering decision to leave the city for the Green Mountains of Vermont. It was there that he explored the Delta blues playing slide guitar for the original Elbow and began a relationship with the banjo - both in the bluegrass group, The Benders, and on his own — that continues to this day. Bow combined these instruments into the Bojotar, a hybrid he designed that incorporates elements of the banjo, resonator guitar, and conventional guitar and was sold in a limited run by Eastwood/Airline Guitar Company. As No Depression put it, "You want inventiveness....I offer Bow Thayer."

The Dunbuts

The Dunbuts Family Band consist of Bibi, 10 years old, playing keyboards, ukulele, percussion and singing.   Noa, 12 years old plays fiddle, ukulele, guitar and sings, and their parents Emily on guitar and vocals and Peter on anything the band needs.  The band was formed in 2020 as there was nothing better for a family cooped up during a pandemic to do than play music together. You will find familiar and new music that spans a lexicon of musical styles with the Dunbuts. Sit back and listen or dance and sing along. 

Woody and The Rebel Alliance

Blasting out of the woodsy confines of the Berkshires like a love slug from the gun of life is Rebel Alliance, a musical revelation that isn’t afraid to cull the tedious excuses of modern day music and spark a cultural transformation. With deep influences in reggae and improvisational jam rock, it is safe to say that The Reb help carry the revolution to the stage and, ultimately, to the fans. During their live performance you can feel an increasing essence of family which compels you to reach a hand out to a troubled stranger. But their music goes beyond lyrics and notes, beyond the love of kin and kith, beyond the cozy limits of a fixed description. It is a universal blueprint for society as a whole. As a band sheathed in unending positivity, they’re armed with an ardor that is able to form a permanent wrinkle in the status quo. Consider them the ambassadors of Ragetown, set to slay the dark lords of demoralization and malevolence with their tight grooves and valuable rhetoric.

- Marc Lovely

Jenny Burtis

Raised in Vermont, Jenny started out playing classical piano and was bitten by the songwriting bug after college while living in Boston.  Inspired by great local radio and the singer songwriters she represented including Catie Curtis, Vance Gilbert, Brooks Williams and Bob Franke, she picked up the guitar, joined a songwriting group and attended open mics. She quit the music business, became a psychotherapist, and moved to the west coast in 1998 where, along with working at an HIV/AIDS support project, she recorded demos and played bars and listening rooms.  She returned to New England  in 2004, cut her therapy practice down to half time and started a gardening business.  Like many writers, she spent the “Covid Isolation” period writing new songs informed by the emotional terrain of a psychology career, Taoist spiritual practice, and the vicissitudes of love and loss.  

Imagine Twang :

What can the Imagine Project imagine next? How about country, western swing and twang? Petey and company have put their creative juices into taking you back to a time when country was a bit less electronic. Playing tunes by Hank, Emmy Lou, Lefty, Bob Wills and some notable interlopers, Imagine Twang wants to get you and your partner to travel the boards and take you to the roadhouse. With Petey Nabut on 6 strings, Klon on 4, Jane Hamel on Fiddle and Guitar, the inimitable Dan Belmont on piano, Vic Sloan, last seen at the Marigold playing drums for the Beatles open mic and the songbird stylings of Diane Dee Krauth and Rosanna Murphrey. Put on your boots and hat and throw some sawdust on the floor and get your glide on. 

Carol Devine & The Mighty Fine

CAROL DEVINE & THE MIGHTY FINE will get your hips groovin’, your feet movin’, and your day improvin’!  Featuring Carol’s powerful pipes and passionate stage presence, this high energy band plays your favorite Classic Soul, Funk, Motown and Rock dance tunes from artists such as: Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Sly & The Family Stone, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, The Staple Singers, The Isley Brothers, Bill Withers, Wilson Pickett, Dusty Springfield, Al Green, Otis Redding & many more.

Jenny The Juggler!


Jenny the Juggler is a full-time professional variety artist performing throughout Greater Boston, New England and beyond.

Rachel and Greg Baker

Rachel and Greg Baker, are truly enchanting. United by their love for acoustic songwriting, they've crafted lyrics and melodies that resonate with audiences nationwide, including two unforgettable performances at the Iron Horse.  Together for Nearly 17 years, on a journey as authentic as their music, they are both teachers raising two children in Leeds, MA, 

Join them for a soulful performance that promises to leave a lasting impression.

Lee Totten:

Boston singer/songwriter Lee Totten has performed nearly 1500 shows over two decades as an artist, bringing his introspective, upbeat acoustic/rock/punk/folk songs and stories to audiences from Boston to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. He has appeared with acts like The Offspring, Third Eye Blind, and Everclear, showcased at the Boston Music Festival, Philadelphia Music Conference and the Burlington Music Festival, and been nominated for a number of local and regional music awards. His music has appeared on The Today Show, The Oxygen Network, KTLA, National Public Radio and even a Pauly Shore film.


And yet he is perhaps best known for "The Jager Song", a drinking song about the hazards of the German liquor that became a regional hit in New England and permanently earned him the moniker 'Jager Guy.'


Lee plays Takamine Guitars and uses Jim Dunlop strings and picks. And still drinks a lot of Jagermeister.











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